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本文摘要:Move over, Miami. Here comes Shanghai.让一让,迈阿密。


Move over, Miami. Here comes Shanghai.让一让,迈阿密。上海来了。

Buoyed by the explosive growth of the cruise industry in China, the world’s two largest cruise operators, Royal Caribbean RCL 6.47% and Carnival CCL 6.08% are redoubling their presence there.不受中国游轮行业的爆炸式快速增长影响,全球两大游轮公司——皇家加勒比和嘉年华正在对中国业务成倍地加码。Carnival, which on Friday raised its 2015 profit forecast on the strength of better than expected advance bookings, expects the overall number of outbound cruise passengers from China to hit the 1 million market for the first time in 2015, and serve almost half of those.上周五,嘉年华提升了2015年利润预测,原因是游轮预计情况好于预期。该公司预计,2015年乘游轮出境的中国游客数量将首次超过100万人次,而该公司将为其中完全一半的游客获取服务。

China remains a much smaller market for the cruising industry than the United States or Europe, but interest in taking to the seas as a middle-class vacation option is surging in China, and buoying the whole industry.和美国或欧洲比起,中国的游轮市场要大得多。但中国中产家庭对乘游轮渡假的兴趣正在急遽下降,并且推展着整个行业的大大快速增长。“China presents the next great frontier for cruising,” Carnival CEO Arnold Donald told Wall Street analysts. “It’s just a matter of time before China becomes the largest cruise market in the world.”嘉年华首席执行官阿诺德o唐纳德对华尔街分析师回应:“对游轮业来说,中国是下一个等候研发的关键市场,它沦为世界上仅次于的游轮市场只是时间问题。


”According to data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the total number of trips abroad by Chinese citizens rose about 10% to 109 million in 2014, with spending up about 17%. And more of that is going to cruises: the number of cruise passengers originating from China rose 79% between 2012 and 2014.联合国世界旅游组织获取的数据表明,2014年中国的出境游客总数快速增长了10%左右,超过1.09亿人次;中国游客的境外开支也下降了大约17%。同时,更加多的中国游客开始自由选择搭乘游轮。2012-2014年,乘坐游轮旅游的中国游客数量减少了79%。


Carnival currently has four ships based in China. The company recently signed a memorandum with state-owned China Merchants Group to look into forming two joint ventures that will build cruise ports and ships.目前,嘉年华在中国投入了四条游轮。该公司最近和招商局集团签订了备忘录,内容是成立两家合资公司,分别专门从事游轮码头建设和游轮生产。Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean said earlier this week that Tianjin, a city of 10 million about 100 miles from Beijing, will be the new home for its third Quantum-class ship (those with the most bells and whistles like space observation decks) starting in April 2016. It will be the fifth China-based ship in the company’s fleet and its first to be based in China from the get-go. Last year, Royal Caribbean decided to redeploy its newest ship, the 4,200-passenger Quantum of the Seas, to Shanghai year-round as of this spring, after only six months cruising New York-Caribbean trips.与此同时,皇家加勒比本周早些时候回应,从2016年4月份开始,该公司第三条量子级游轮(这种游轮享有极大的观光甲板等许多奢侈设施)将以天津为母港,后者有1000万人口,距北京大约100英里(大约161公里)。



这是该公司的近期游轮,此前只在纽约-加勒比航线上航行过六个月,今后它将派驻上海。To funnel more Chinese passengers to its ships, Royal Caribbean is looking for partnerships with local travel companies. In the fall, it struck a deal with Chinese online travel company Ctrip, which is the biggest seller of its cruises there.为了让更加多中国游客攀上自己的游轮,皇家加勒比于是以想和中国旅行社合作。去年秋天,该公司和携程网达成协议,后者是皇家加勒比在中国的仅次于销售代理。And to make it clear to the China government, whose cooperation Royal Caribbean and its rivals need to get more infrastructure that lets large ships dock in various cities, that its plans to keep investing in China. Royal Caribbean said this week it is looking into building Chinese dry dock facilities and developing logistics centers to supply its ships deployed in the region. It is also considering programs that would bring thousands of North American vacationers to visit China by cruising.中国政府正在和皇家加勒比及其竞争对手合作,而这必须加设基础设施,以便大型游轮驶离中国的各个城市。

为向中国政府指出自己计划大大在中国投资,皇家加勒比本周回应,该公司于是以侧重在中国创建腊船坞和物流中心,以便为自己部署在中国的游轮获取服务。同时,该公司正在考虑到发售新的旅游项目,目的是让数以千计的北美游客乘游轮来中国旅游。While China is still Royal Caribbean’s No. 3 market, after the U.S. and Europe, it is clear executives see the Middle Kingdom as a major growth engine.虽然中国仍是皇家加勒比的第三大市场,分列在美国和欧洲之后,但该公司似乎已将中国视作主要快速增长引擎。

“Potential growth here is greater than the U.S. market,” Michael Bayley, president and chief executive of Royal Caribbean’s international operations, told the Wall Street Journal in Beijing earlier this week.最近,皇家加勒比总裁兼CEO迈克尔o贝利在北京拒绝接受《华尔街日报》专访时回应:“中国市场的快速增长潜力多达美国。



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